Gangsaw Blades

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"For the precision cutting of natural stones, the Gang Saw Blades of variable dimensions and characteristics are cater for all types of marbles and other material plants for exactly-dimensioned blocks and slabs."

Fixing the block

As far as possible only use blocks of consistent length corresponding to the effective segmented length of the diamond blades. In this way there will be a regular wear of the diamond segments.


The quantity, quality and good distribution of water for cooling are important factors affecting the blade life and the quality of the cut. Soft well-decanted water should therefore be used, especially when working with materials giving rise to sticky or abrasive muds.

Sawing approach

Start the saw using a low down-feed speed. As soon as the blade's segments bite into the material gradually increase the down-feed speed till normal working speed is reached. This should be maintained until the whole block is cut.