Dealers in : Gangsaw Blades, Circular Saw Blanks & Diamond Segments

Quality Control

Bhushan in house quality control laboratory is fully equipped with the latest testing equipment. Dedicated chemists ensure conformance to specifications on every coil and all test records are documented and maintained. Ultra Modern laboratory equipped with:

  • pectrometer : Thermo Ari (Switzerland)
  • Metallugrical Microscope : CARLZEISS
  • Digital Hardness tester : Matsuzawa (Japan)
  • Computerized Tensile Testing Machine
  • Rockwell And Vickers Hardness Testrs
  • Specification of Hardened and Tempered Strips for Gangsaw Blade

    Material : High carbon and Nickle steel
    Strip Thickness : 1.2 mm to 4 mm
    Strip Width : 180 mm
    Hardness : 42 RC to 45 RC
    Surface Finish : Polished Bright
    Edge : Round and Squares Edges
    Grade og steel : C80, 75CR1, 75Ni8.

    Process to Manufacture Hardened and Tempered Strips

    Here the process begin with heating the cold rolled strip indirectly under the controlled oxygen free atmosphere at 50 degre celsius or more above the austenising temperature. The headted strip is quenched in the molten metal bath and further cooled through the constant and controlled flow of air. The strips attain fully martensitic structure at this stage and is very hard abd brittle.